modest presence at polling stations


Moroccans are called to the polls today for legislative, regional and municipal elections. At stake: the composition of the House of Representatives, as well as future municipal and regional councils. The head of government comes from the majority party in parliament. A Moroccan government led for a decade by the moderate Islamists of the PJD.

With our special correspondent in Rabat, Amelia Tulet

In the Moroccan capital, polling stations have been open since 8 a.m. Wednesday morning and nearly 18 million Moroccans are called to vote. The offices are open until 19.00 and the results will be announced overnight.

In the various offices visited, the presence is modest. No queues, but a steady stream of Moroccans who will vote, sometimes in a hurry because we are in the middle of the week and people are working.

Participation, big question about the election Participation, that is the big unknown since the beginning of the campaign for these elections. Analysts say a lack of interest from the majority of Moroccans in politics. The Moroccan Interior Ministry announces 12% participation at national level at noon.

Earlier, in the popular district by the sea in Rabat, those who came to vote spoke of a national duty that claimed to abstain was to let others decide. In another more exclusive district in Rabat, the district of Agdal, a young woman said earlier that she was aware of the limits of this democratic exercise because the monarchy in Morocco retains the upper hand over strategic decisions. But for them, voting is also a confidence in the future and a way to encourage the party that best defends its ideas.

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