new demonstrations against the coup


While the Tunisian president has strengthened his powers and extended the freeze of the assembly, hundreds of people took to the streets this Sunday, September 26, to express their disapproval of these measures. A larger collection than last week.

as reported from Tunis, Amira Souilem

Filtered entrances, drones orbiting above the assembly point and police forces in very large numbers, Avenue Bourguiba were under close surveillance on Sunday.

By keeping the constitution as high as possible, these protesters explain to us the reasons for their presence at this so-called “anti-coup” meeting. “This constitution protects our country and constitutional legality. We do not want this coup. I voted for Kaïs Saïed, but now I am against what he does, says a protester. “The president believes he is an almighty god. It legislates. He is also the head of the judiciary. We do not want that for Tunisia, another continues.

In the crowd this week were disillusioned former supporters of the president, but also a few more women and young people. And still many supporters Ennahdha, the Islamist party, in full explosion since the president froze the congregation.

In addition to slogans hostile to the strongman in Carthage, protesters often attacked foreign powers, such as Egypt or the Emirates, accusing them of supporting the president’s coup. “This president is a traitor, he sold the country. It is a putschist who betrayed Tunisia “, confirms a protester.

“France, go out!” We could also hear this Sunday afternoon in Tunis from protesters who are convinced that Paris supports Kaïs Saïed taking power.

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