new tensions between parliamentarians and the president


The Libyan Parliament has announced that the session intended for the vote on the law organizing the legislative elections on 24 December 2021 has been postponed. The congregation is responsible for agreeing on a bill. Following the loss of confidence in the government, the Libyan Presidency is threatening to intervene to put an end to the differences between the parties.

New political tensions in Libya are taking place this time between the Presidential Council and the House of Representatives. President Mohamed el-Menfi has called on the main potential candidates for the presidential election, which is also scheduled for December, to withdraw from the race if differences remain over the parliamentary elections law.

The Supreme Council of the state, a kind of senate with a purely consultative role, refused ratified the Presidential Election Act of the House of Representatives, which created a controversy followed by tension. According to several observers, the president’s position would increase the general confusion, a law for the presidential election has already been voted.

With regard to the House of Representatives, it is no longer possible, now that it is impossible to agree on a law to organize the legislative election, to rely on the existing law, which is stated in the constitutional declaration.

Elections that are crucial to getting out of the chaos Libya’s political forum, which brings together civil society personalities, is trying to save the elections. For the third time in a month, he appealed to the UN special envoy to organize a meeting as soon as possible to deal with this “latest dangerous development”.

The election change is seen by the international community as the only way to get Libya out of the political crisis and chaos that has now been going on for ten years.

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