President Kaïs Saïed is further expanding his powers


Two days after the speech, on Monday 20 September, to Kaïs Saïed in Sidi Bouzid, the cradle of the revolution, the Tunisian Presidency announced on Wednesday 22 September a battery of measures that seem to consolidate the power of Carthage even more.

as reported from Tunis, Amira Souilem

Tunisians have been waiting for their president’s roadmap for eight weeks. The details were given to them in part on Wednesday evening.

The Tunisian parliament remains frozen, including the immunity of deputies. To this is now added the loss of their salary. The commander of Carthage has decided to replace the congregation, as he will in future legislate by decree for a period that has not been specified.

On Wednesday evening, several observers in these new measures see a sign that Tunisia is gradually moving towards a presidential regime. Some even use the qualification “presidentialist”.

The presidents’ announcements are also of concern to lawyers, but also to members of Tunisian civil society.

On the political side, the Islamist Ennahdha party, hitherto the first force in the assembly, reacted with the voice of its president Rached Ghannouchi and announced its rejection of these presidential measures which, according to him, mean abandoning the 2014 constitution.

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