Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok reinforced by a


In Sudan, the head of government finds a small political leeway with the solemn signing, on Wednesday in Khartoum, of a joint political declaration of 43 delegates representing the components of the forces of freedom and change.

Recall that Forces for Freedom and Change, a coalition of political parties and associations, was founded on January 1, 2019, at the beginning of the popular uprising that overthrew President Omar al-Bashir’s regime a few months later. However, differences of opinion and the departure of some important parties in Sudan weakened the civilians in power during the transition.

Abdallah Hamdok has made the promise to unite his political camp for several months. On June 22, he called on the forces of freedom and change to reunite those who led the revolution of 2019, a unit that he believes is necessary to “achieve its goals”.

Admittedly, these goals include important challenges for a civilian government that shares power with the military. And in particular the reform of the army and the integration of the famous rapid support forces into the regular forces, in addition to the establishment of a transitional parliament, the reform of the judicial system or the organization of fair elections.

For the Prime Minister, therefore, the unit is being rebuilt, or almost. Almost only, because at the signing of the declaration of unity we noticed some large absences compared to the founding of the movement, in particular the Communist Party. However, Abdallah Hamdok said he wanted to continue discussing with them.

But it must also rely on the activism of the popular neighborhood committees, the spearheads of the revolution, which in their ranks include most victims of oppression, and some of whom believe they have had their victory stolen from them. The dictatorship.


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