Pro-Haftar Deputy Prime Minister criticizes Libya’s Prime Minister


East Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Husain al-Katrani and other ministers have criticized Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Mohammed Dbeibah for failing to fulfill his responsibilities.

Following a meeting in Benghazi, controlled by Putin general Khalifa Haftar, a group of pro-Haftar politicians accused Dbeibah of failing to fulfill his national and historical responsibilities and allegedly pursuing a personal agenda rather than national interests.

The statement released after the meeting also condemned Dbeibah for not appointing a defense minister and for not taking action to appoint one.

In February, the UN-led Libyan forum elected an interim government by a vote, electing Mohammad Younes Menfi to chair Libya’s presidential council and Dbeibah as interim prime minister.

Haftar had committed a year-long attack on Tripoli and left thousands dead before reaching a formal ceasefire with his Western opponents in October last year.

While the subsequent UN-led peace process has led to a period of calm, quarrels over electoral laws and the presence of foreign forces have complicated features towards more permanent peace.


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