representatives of victims and defense


In The Hague, the second day of the hearing in the confirmation of allegations of Ali Abd-Al-Rhaman. This Janjaweed leader is suspected of 31 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, which are alleged to have been committed between August 2003 and at least April 2004 in Darfur. On Tuesday morning, the legal representatives of the victims spoke. Then it was the defense that was expressed.

Advice to the victims followed each other and specified exactly what the victims experienced as well as their expectations.

“They want the judges to know what happened to them,” said Maître Paolina Massida, one of the victims’ representatives. For the victims, this process is a starting point. They expect an independent, impartial, transparent justice that can establish the truth about the crimes they have suffered. ”

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Then the defense spoke. The presentation of Master Cyril Laucci aimed to show that his client, Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman, is not Ali Kushayb suspected of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

“Mr Abd-Al-Rhaman does not have the profile of other well-known Janjaweed leaders. He is neither a Nazi nor related to a Nazi or an officer in the army. He is an ordinary citizen who sells drugs at his pharmacy for facts. The details of its physical description do not coincide. He has no piercings in either of his two ears, he has no ritual scars on his face … ”

The preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 27. At the end of it, the judges will decide whether the charges are sufficient to take the proceedings against Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman to the next stage, ie. the trial.

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