the visit of a military delegation to Israel makes


A delegation of Sudanese soldiers secretly visited Israel last week. Several diplomatic sources confirmed this over the weekend. But in Sudan, the population does not necessarily view this approach to Israel, which, above all, seems to satisfy high-ranking staff. This last visit is therefore controversial.

as reported from Khartoum, Eliott Brachet

Seen from Khartoum, it is a very controversial visit, as the Sudanese delegation was led by Mohammad Hamdan Dagalo’s brother, better known as Hemedti. The latter is vice-president of the sovereign council and commander of a powerful paramilitary militia in Sudan. His brother was accompanied by several officers, including the head of Sudan’s defense industry.

This secret visit comes at a time of high tension between civilians and soldiers, just a few weeks after the failed coup attempt. Foreign Minister Mariam Saddiq al-Mahdi was annoyed by the simple reason that she had not been informed.

For many Sudanese analysts, the rapprochement with Israel serves the de facto interests of generals who share power with civilians. They are trying to exclude them from the ground and develop their own military and security agenda with the Hebrew state.

But the position of the civilian-led government is clear: there will be no effective normalization of relations with Israel until this decision has been taken by the transitional parliament. However, there is still no parliament in Sudan. It has been almost two years since it should have seen the light of day.

For almost a year, Sudan has started a shy process of normalization of its relations with the Hebrew state. A rapprochement initiated by former US President Donald Trump. The United States had set as a condition to remove Sudan from the list of states that support terrorism and thus lift the economic sanctions that burdened Khartoum.

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