a condemnatory report on corruption to the Ministry of


The publication of a report from the police’s special investigation unit puts the ANC in further difficulties. The opposition accuses the ruling party of protecting those targeted by this condemnatory report, beginning with former Health Minister Zweli Mkhize, who was forced to resign in June last year.

as reported from Johannesburg, Claire Bargelès

This scandal within the South African Ministry of Health obscures the record of President Cyril Ramaphosa and his promises of a new dawn and the fight against corruption at the top of the state.

During his presidency, public contracts were signed by the ministry with the communications company Digital Vibes, which was to set up awareness campaigns against the pandemic. But these approximately 9 million euros were spent irregularly and made it possible to enrich two relatives of the former minister Zweli Mkhize, as well as his son.

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In its report published this week, South African investigators are calling for sanctions against the former Minister of Health, who in recent months has been the face of the fight against the coronavirus, as well as for prosecution of the former chief Anban Pillay.

The latter and five members of the ministry have since been suspended, but Cyril Ramaphosa has never publicly condemned his former minister’s behavior and goes on to confirm that he has also “served the nation well”.

Nelson Mandela’s historic party would have done well without such publicity, a month away from the local elections scheduled for November 1.


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