a new variant arouses the interest of researchers


South African researchers are closely following the development of a new variant in the country. “C.1.2” is not yet a variant to follow, nor a worrying variant, according to the WHO classification, and the health authorities want to be reassuring at the moment, but it has caught the eye of researchers. Who sequenced it, because of its many mutations.

as reported from Johannesburg, Claire Bargelès

This new variant was first identified in May last year and is now present in all regions of the country, but is still very much in the minority in South Africa. It represents less than 3% of the pollutants, and the Delta variant remains the most dominant at the moment.

Rapid mutations If he has been noticed by researchers, it is because of his mutations. According to a study signed by various South African researchers, and still not validated by peers, it mutates almost twice as fast as the other variants observed. It evolved from the C.1 genus, which accounted for the majority of infections in the country at the beginning of the pandemic, and has changes that are similar to other disruptive variants, but also unique mutations. According to this study, this variant has already been found in other countries, for example in China, the Democratic Republic of Congo or the United Kingdom.

However, a development that is closely monitored by the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) is reassuring and indicates that its development will be closely monitored. Tests are also underway to find out what protection vaccines offer for this variant. However, the institute says that it is convinced of the vaccines’ ability to protect against serious forms of the disease.

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