after the looting, the time is now


In South Africa, donations of food and essentials have been introduced throughout the weekend. The destruction of hundreds of shops and supermarkets in the KwaZulu-Natal region put pressure on the poorest populations, and for a few days it was difficult to find bread or at prices far above normal.

With our special correspondent in Durban, Romain Song

In front of the Islamic center, cars line up to grab bread and cartons of milk. The Muslim community donates food unconditionally. Up to 60,000 loaves of bread were distributed per day, explains Abdul Razak Moosa, an organizer. “There is a lot of demand, people have been very moved. Bread is out of stock in and around Durban so bread was loaded daily from Johannesburg. We even brought in a truck loaded with 32,000 loaves of bread from Port Elizabeth ”.

Senzi Ndlovu is one of the recipients, she took a 30-minute taxi ride from the parish to pick up a package. “The majority of companies are closed and we have no money. We were already suffering because of Covid, this looting is only increasing “.

At Virginia Airport, private pilots were mobilized to transport important goods. Jannine fills her car after unloading a plane from Johannesburg. “Rich people try to leave Durban by renting planes that take off from this airport, so we asked the pilots who make the trip not to come back empty and that’s how they brought us things,” she explains.

Food distributions are not expected to continue, a normal return is planned for Monday.


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