difficulties with cash flow disturb the ANC in


In South Africa, the African National Congress (ANC), in power since the first free elections in 1994, can no longer pay its employees. And the dissatisfaction within the party has had repercussions on the submission of electoral lists for the next local elections, which are planned for next October.

as reported from Johannesburg, Claire Bargelès

Hundreds of employees in Nelson Mandela’s historic party have still not received their salaries during July and August and have therefore started a strike movement. Result: the national offices are closed, the ANC’s weekly newsletter could not be published and the party was forced to appeal for donations on Twitter, an approach that triggered sarcasm by internet users, while Jacob Zuma used the same technique, a few days ago, to cover his legal costs.

According to the ANC, these cash flow difficulties are due to the pandemic, but also to new law on the financing of political partieswhich limits the size of payments and forces large donors to reveal their identities.

This situation is proving to be very complicated as local elections are currently scheduled for next October. The ANC also failed to present candidates on time in some thirty locations, due to an initial strike and registration problems online.

The party submitted a petition to the Electoral Court requesting that the lists be reopened.


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