Lubumbashi says goodbye to his archbishop


The archbishop’s funeral of Lubumbashi is scheduled for Friday at Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral. Monsignor Jean Pierre Tafunga died on March 31 in South Africa of a heart attack, according to sources close to the Catholic Church. In Uvira, where he was bishop before 2011 as in Lubumbashi, this Catholic prelate fought for human values, democracy and human rights. He was a figure in the province.

as reported from Lubumbashi, Denise maheho

Monsignor Tafunga was known for his openness and direct speech when he had to question the Congolese authorities. This is the case, for example, when in May 2020 he did not hide his indignation over the growing uncertainty in Lubumbashi. An arrest that bore fruit remembers Bertin, a resident of the Kalebuka district who is often targeted by armed bandits.

“We have lost a great man. He was not only a religious man but he also took care of people’s safety, including us, we benefited from his call to have the little peace that allows us to sleep today. “

At the political level, the Archbishop of Lubumbashi is one of the personalities who spoke in favor of establishing a true democracy in the DRC, for his part, Fortunat Mbayo, business leader. “Remember that before the election, Archbishop Tafunga raised his voice in 2017 to demand that there be a change, that there be free and democratic elections. The authorities of the time had treated him with complete words because he defended human values. “

Moise Katumbi talks about a man who led a fair fight for the people. Monsignor Jean-Pierre Tafunga died at the age of 78 in Pretoria, South Africa, and will be buried in Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Lubumbashi.


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