near Joseph Kabila, the governor of Lualaba was dismissed


The Governor of Lualaba, Richard Muyej, was dismissed by the Lualaba Provincial Assembly. The president of Asadho, the African Association for Human Rights, and his supporters are talking about violations of the texts.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda wa Kamanda Muzembe

11 deputies out of 17 voted for the loss of Richard Muyel, the governor of the province. This confiscation comes eight months after the allegations of possible embezzlement.

“We have decided to withdraw our confidence in this provincial government and the observations of the IGF are extremely serious,” said Louis Kamwenyi, chairman of the Lualaba Provincial Assembly.

Did not return to the province in eight months For eight months, Governor Muyej Lualaba left for Kinshasa before receiving medical treatment in South Africa. He has not returned to the province since.

His supporters are talking about a plan hatched against the man who remained loyal to Joseph Kabila’s FCC. Jean-Claude Ķatende de l’Asadho calls on the Minister of the Interior not to approve of this injustice. For those who defend human rights, “there is a violation of defense, this dismissal is unfair”.

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