opponent Bobi Wine refuses the president’s outstretched hand


The ex-singer refused the head of state’s outstretched hand and said he did not want to enter into sterile discussions. Yoweri Museveni invited all Ugandan opposition to negotiations to ease the political climate following the tensions in the January presidential election last year, which Bobi Wine accuses him of stealing.

Yes Bobi Wine rejects Yoweri Museveni’s invitation, mainly because he doubts his sincerity: “General Museveni does not want a sincere dialogue. He just wants to gather people by his side. His only intention is to put the opposition in his pocket. ”

After the election in mid-January, Yoweri Museveni had begun discussions with opponents. All except with the head of the National Unity Platform (NUP), Bobi Wine. The already tense relations between the two men, since the presidential election, have deteriorated in recent days due to of a wave of murders in the city of Masaka, in the middle of the country, whose authorities have prosecuted two deputies from his party.

“At the end of an election, regions that do not vote for Museveni are always facing a bloodbath,” said Bobi Wine. People are being killed and every time we blame our opponents, as the government did with Kizza Besigye. They were talking about a so-called rebel group from the People’s Redemption Army, which in the end never existed. All this to suppress the opposition. It is therefore not surprising that Museveni points to some of our deputies as the perpetrators of these atrocities. ”

On tour in South Africa, Bobi Wine promised to keep the pressure on the authorities by using his support in the diaspora.


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