The ANC launches an offensive election campaign


The ANC enters a state of reconquest in South Africa. The Presidential Party will start the campaign for the local elections on 1 November. A vote in which the ANC registered its worst results in 2016 and lost the cities of Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela Bay and Pretoria. On Monday, President Cyril Ramaphosa presented the program in Pretoria, the capital.

as reported from Pretoria, Romain Song

We need to do better and more, this is the observation shared by activists like Bongiswa Alicia Nongalo: “To be honest, people are frustrated. I know it’s complicated to keep promises but I really hope that promises will be kept this time. ”

Among party officials, we assume that past mistakes promise better days. And when President Cyril Ramaphosa speaks, he speaks to voters who turned away from the ANC in 2016: “We understand that you were disappointed with the ANC, discouraged by our failures and angry at suspicions of state capture and corruption.”

If no one imagines the ANC losing next election, activists, like Umar Lebeleonas, fear a weakening of the electorate and thus the power within the municipalities: “We will win again, but my biggest concern is: by what majority?”

To give the ANC the most comfortable majority, Umar has planned to run campaigns until 1 November. His goal? South African youth.


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