The ANC strengthens demonstrations in support of


The ruling party has always been an ally of the Palestinian cause, in its fight against Israel, described as an apartheid regime. In May 2018, South Africa withdrew its ambassador from Tel Aviv and demoted the embassy to a simple contact office. Within the ANC’s leadership, some activists are demanding to move on and break diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv. They were almost 200 gathered in front of the Israeli embassy in Pretoria on Tuesday morning.

With our return correspondent from Pretoria, Romain Song

With a few comrades equipped with Palestinian flags, Mpho Marong poses for the picture in front of the wall where the Israeli embassy is inscribed. “We are trying to put pressure on the Israeli embassy and tell them it’s time to wake up! Here we know how much apartheid has changed our lives. ”

Jessie Duarte, deputy secretary general and current head of the ANC, speaks among other political leaders in the trailer for a van and speaks to diplomats at the Israeli embassy. “This embassy must be closed. Go home and talk about the bad things you do. Invite us and we will discuss and help you create peace between you and the Palestinians. ”

Some within the ANC want to cut all diplomatic ties with Israel, as well as economic ties, explains Nomvula Mokonyane, she leads the campaign in support of Palestine for the ANC. “We are developing a list of products. do not need to be purchased and coming from Israel. “

Meanwhile, the ANC continues its meetings, including one planned this week in front of the US Consulate in Johannesburg.


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