a proof of life for Dr. Keb and many uncertainties


This Malian rapper Amadou Kébé with his real name was kidnapped in the Timbuktu region just a month ago, on July 29, in the company of two members of his team, Ousmane Coulibaly, aka Dr Bacozy and Alfousseiny Touré, says Dr. Alouss. The families have since been able to obtain proof of life, but their release is still pending.

In Mali, Dr Keb’s relatives are both calm and anxious. They were to hold a series of concerts in the region and have not given any news since July 29. The trail after the kidnapping was the most likely, in this area visited by armed jihadist groups and bandits of all kinds, but no allegations had been made. They finally got, several days ago, the long-awaited proof of life.

Amadou Moboguiri Togo is a member of the artist’s label and spokesperson for the crisis unit created by his relatives. He tells about the call that Dr Keb gave on his mother’s phone.

“He told me they were in captivity, so it confirms that it would no longer be an easy disappearance. He did not state the identity of the kidnappers. He said he ate and drank, no more, says Amadou Moboguiri Togo. As for the other two members of the team, Ousmane Coulibaly and Alfousseiny Touré, “they are doing well. I could also hear their voices next door, they said they had to tell their mother that they were fine, not to worry about them. ”

Since this invitation, very different emotions follow each other: “We were very happy. The mothers were very relieved because they did not really know if their children were living or not of this world. But the more the days go by, the more anxiety comes over us because we no longer have contact, we do not know where they are, we do not know what the state is doing. At our level, we no longer know who to trust, if not our state. ”

At the request of RFI, the Ministry of Culture, the first to mobilize in the file, did not follow up.


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