adoption of a bill on redistribution


This bill, which was adopted on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, plans to return the money embezzled by the heads of state and their relatives who are facing legal proceedings in France. The amounts donated, often several million euros, will fund development measures.

Refund badly received goodstakes time it is now possible. In order for French justice to be able to confiscate mansions in the heart of Paris, villas on the Côte d’Azur or even luxury cars, the person convicted of public money laundering must first have exhausted all his remedies until the appeal in Cassation. . This can last for several years.

Once the properties have been sold, the funds raised will be transferred to the French Development Agency (AFD), which will redistribute the money to non-governmental organizations that have applied, with the support of projects.

For example, the assets of the Vice-President of Equatorial Guinea, TeodorinObiang, whose trial is ongoing, is estimated at 150 million euros. Enough to vaccinate the people of his country three times against Covid-19. An important figure when we know that the health expenditure for Equatorial Guinea in 2017 was EUR 63.2 million, which corresponds to just under EUR 50 per capita.

Among the countries that could see significant amounts returned in the coming years are, for example, Tunisia, Gabon, Congo-Brazzaville. And new cases are accumulating since a complaint was recently filed by the Sherpa Association against Riad Salamé, Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon. So many potentially significant sums that in the long run should be returned to the wasted populations.


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