after the student’s death, a white march towards


In Burkina Faso, hundreds of people marched this Sunday, October 3, to demand more security on the outskirts of the capital. Ouagadougou is facing an increase in the city’s insecurity that worries the population.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

It takes just under a week without the population of some districts of Ouagadougou, entering Burkina Faso, do not suffer armed robberysometimes leading to death. On Sunday, September 26, back from her sport, Ina Mounia Drabo, a young 19-year-old student was murdered a few steps from her home in the Rimkieta district of Ouagadougou.

On Sunday, the population took to the streets to demand Ina justice and challenge the municipal authorities about the situation of insecurity in their neighborhood and on other outskirts of the capital.

Neighbors or classmates… The protesters were dressed in white and laid a wreath of flowers at the place where the 19-year-old student was shot in the head by people who took away her motorcycle.

“We are all shocked here, we pray that her soul rests in peace and that the perpetrators of this crime are arrested and that justice will be done for her and for all other victims,” ​​testified a participant in the white march. “I hit the sidewalk with my comrades so we could condemn this insecurity that cost Ina and many others their lives,” said another.

“In daylight we can attack you here” Helpless in the face of this increase in urban crime, Kassoum Simporé, the mayor of the eighth arrondissement, appealed to the Ministry of Security: “Our district has so far not benefited a police station or a gendarmerie. In daylight you can be assaulted here.” , like many suburbs in the capital, is facing insecure security despite the fact that the internal security forces have dismantled several networks.

Abdoulaye Sourgou, a former deputy during the transition, believes that the fight against terrorism should not hide urban crime. “We know this is true, the security forces are very busy fighting terrorism, but civilian areas still need to be secure. This is not the first time. There is also a neighbor in the neighborhood who was murdered not even two months ago “, he explains.

During a visit to the family of the murdered student, the mayor of Ouagadougou insisted on the need to set up local police and monitor committees in each neighborhood to combat the city’s insecurity in the capital.


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