an exceptional safety device for testing


This Monday, October 11, the trial of the assassination of President Thomas Sankara opens in Ouagadougou, before the military court. It was October 15, 1987. Thirty-four years after the murder, fourteen people were charged. Over 20,000 pages of documents and many exhibitions are available. In order for the experiment to work properly, exceptional safety measures have been taken.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

The various parties to the trial had to work part of the Sunday evening with the case. “I had to pay 265,000 CFA francs just to make a copy of the file,” said a lawyer.

According to our information, the file can not fit in the trunk of a single 4×4 vehicle. Over 20,000 pages of documents. “The file is larger compared to the coup in 2015. Everything is there: the documents declassified by France and the other documents”, our source emphasizes.

Thirty-four years after the events, fourteen people are being prosecuted. But twelve people will show up. Blaise Compaoré, former Burkinabè president and his former chief of security Hyacinthe Kafando will not be present at the hearing. According to our sources, there is a list of about sixty witnesses in the file.

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Exceptional security measures have been taken to ensure the smooth running of this historic trial. The entire Ouaga 2000 district will be closely monitored. “Traffic will be disrupted,” warns Captain Souleymane Coulibaly, a member of the security cell.

Anyone who wants to access the courtroom must go through a search device; all electronic devices, ie mobile phones, cameras or any recording device, are prohibited. Clothes, banners and placards resembling the accused or the victims are forbidden outside and inside the courtroom.

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Thursday, October 15, 1987. The time is 16.00 local time. President Thomas Sankara and some members of the National Revolutionary Council meet in a room in the “Burkina” building of the Entents Council. He is in sportswear, because Thursday is “mass sports” day in Burkina Faso.

Alouna Traoré, who has returned from a mission in Benin, is the first to speak. He has not started before a vehicle rushes towards the building where Thomas Sankara and his companion are. A command appears and shots are fired.

“Do not move, I’m what they need,” said Thomas Sankara, who, according to Alouna Traoré, is the only survivor of those who were with the father of the revolution at this meeting.

Sankara adjusts his training suit, remembers Alouna Traoré and leaves the air, he leaves the room first. He is immediately pushed cold on the porch of the meeting room. Then his companions must go out in turn, under the orders of the attackers. One after another, they suffer the same fate as the president of Faso.

A total of thirteen people were killed on October 15. Thomas Sankara, five meeting participants and five guards. The bodies were buried on the night of October 15-16 in the cemetery in Dagnoen, a district east of Ouagadougou. Buried by a group of 20 prisoners.


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