ATT’s political heirs are reorganizing PDES for


After a two-day congress that ended on Sunday, the political heirs of President ATT, who died last year, set up a new party leadership for economic and social development.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

For its new start, PDES, the party for economic and social development, is playing the youth card. The new president, Moulaye Omar Haïdara, 41, is a Malian economic actor. For him today, in this time of crisis, we need leaders who have what he calls “the main quality” Former President Amadou Toumani Touré known as “ATT”.

“Today, if we have a unit like ATT, I think we will be able to overcome many, many, many difficulties in this country,” he explains.

The new PDES chairman then spoke further the Malian Prime Minister’s last outingon the possible extension of the duration of the transition. “Whether it’s postponed by a month, two months or three months, that’s not the problem. The problem is to get started organizing these elections and tell yourself that they must be held, insists Moulaye Omar Haïdara. Without inclusion, nothing will work. Mali must become a democratic country again today. Today we have to take part in other countries’ concerts, because we can not isolate ourselves, it is impossible “

PDES, the formation of the political heirs to former President ATT, is also preparing to run in the next election. In the presidential election, it will have its candidate. At the moment, it is a Malian official established in Senegal who is holding the rope.


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