Bah N’Daw and Moctar Ouane enjoy their newfound freedom


On Friday, an official statement from the local international monitoring committee for mediation, in particular by representatives of Minusma, AU and ECOWAS in Mali, welcomed the Malian government’s decision to lift all restrictive measures concerning former Transitional President Bah N’Daw and former Prime Minister Moctar Ouane. . They had been under close surveillance since Colonel Assimi Goïta’s second coup in late May.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

Former Malian President Bah N’Daw made his first outing since Saturday completely regained his freedom of movement. Dressed in one of the traditional bubous he is fond of, he went in a 4X4 vehicle to his field. According to two witnesses interviewed separately who saw him, he is fine. According to our information, he should be able to quickly leave the official residence he occupies in Bamako, to return to a house that the state has made available to him in his capacity as former head of state.

As for former Prime Minister Moctar Ouane, the military device set up in front of his private home after the coup in late May was only lifted overnight from Saturday to Sunday, while diplomats from the local monitoring committee for the transition must visit him this Sunday. Inside the beautiful building you can see a garden and a pool. To the right, in a private room, sit visitors. According to several sources, they celebrated the good news.

The Prime Minister has not yet made his first excursion as a completely free man. Like President Bah N’Daw, Moctar Ouane plans to travel abroad quickly for a medical checkup.

Their lawyer, Maitre Mamadou Ismaila Konate, who had lodged a complaint with the ECOWAS Court of Human Rights, welcomed the lifting of the restrictions and also pointed out the important role of the international community in achieving this result.

Master Mamadou Ismaila Konate


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