Chad, Mali: “Transitions that go beyond deadlines


Our guest is Chadian Djimé Adoum, Secretary General of the Sahel Coalition. An initiative common to the G5 Sahel countries and international donors, aimed at strengthening support measures for armed forces in the Sahel countries, but also the development of these countries and their people. The creation of this coalition was announced a year and a half ago, its team is already working, but it is not until Thursday 16 September that they officially take over their headquarters in Brussels. On this occasion, the Secretary-General of the Sahel Coalition explains the actions and goals of the Coalition. He also reminds the Malian and Chadian authorities of their commitments during the political transition taking place in these countries. Djimé Adoum also raises the ongoing negotiations between Bamako and the Wagner Group. He answers questions from David Baché. .

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