CNDH demands stricter laws on violence


In Côte d’Ivoire, the medical certificate requested from victims of gender-based violence is subject to a fee and costs 50,000 FCFA. While the CNDH (National Council for Human Rights) solemnly submitted its annual report to the government on Tuesday, pointing to an increase in GBV (gender-based violence), it calls for a tightening of legislation and free access to this famous medical certificate.

as reported from Abidjan, Pierre Pinto

The debate has been hotly debated for several weeks in the country since a The NCI show resumed the rape culture debate. Today, after submitting its report to the government, the CNDH believes that it is time to review the legislation on the issue.

“We have asked the government to take all necessary measures to protect all people from this phenomenon, by adopting legislation. It is true that it is in the law, but it requires the adoption of a law to punish anyone who is guilty of gender-based violence seriously, says CNDH President Namizata to RFI. Sangaré.

The medical certificate, a “brake” for the victimsAs for the medical certificate, which is necessary for victims of gender-based violence and which costs 50,000 FCFA, it is considered a “brake” for female victims. who wants to go to court.

“We have asked the government to reduce this cost. And, better: create a program to make the medical certificate free for all those women who are victims of gender-based violence, especially sexual abuse. You are exposed to violence, you are asked to pay a certain amount, especially 50,000 francs. If you do not have it, your right to justice is violated and that is not what is needed in our country, the president adds.


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