CNRD announces imminent reopening of borders


Alpha Condé had decided to close several borders before the last vote, at the end of September 2020. The reason for that time: “security reasons”. In a statement read on national television on Monday night, the junta asked the services concerned to “immediately make a safety and health assessment to gradually open these borders”. Among the borders concerned, the one with Senegal, an opening that can take place no later than 24 September.

Although Guinea and Senegal had signed a technical and military cooperation agreement in June, the border opening was still not effective. This CNRD message is a relief for various sectors, especially for carriers.

In Senegal, Pierre Mbakhane Gomis is the first Secretary-General of the Road Transport Union to join the CNTS. He has not yet been formally informed about the border opening again. But such news is welcome.

Because the consequences – if they are still difficult to quantify – take different forms. “Consequences are important at all levels, there is a human factor, a social factor and an economic factor.”

Across the border in Guinea, there is a sense of shared relief. Tanou Nadhel Diallo, Administrative Secretary of the Labé Transport Association:

We welcome this with enthusiasm, it makes us happy because there have been plenty of trucks along the border from Senegal and Gambia, all the perishables have rotted there, these trucks have been damaged there -low. All products went bad in Guinea, we lost billions and billions of Guinean francs because the border was not open. It was a huge loss, the professional assures us that the carriers are ready to return to work as soon as the border officially opens.


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