denominational representatives give voice to one


Leaders of all denominations in Mali met on Monday in Bamako. In a statement they released, they called for “a national step forward and a change in behavior”. They also called on the population to mobilize for peace and stability. ” This resignation of religious leaders comes at a time when the political class is quite divided on the way forward for the success of the transition.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

For the transition to succeed, the religious leaders call on the vital forces of the nation, the Malian political class, for a coherent and inclusive management of the city’s affairs. They probably refer to the recent meeting between Malia’s Prime Minister Choguel Maïga and the political class. During this meeting, the Prime Minister announced the basis for Refoundation (a kind of Forum) but also the creation of a single body for handling future elections. This topic is divided in Mali.

Just like the duration of the transition. Officially, at the end of February 2022, the current leaders must leave the apron, after the election. However, for example, in the personal capacity of the National Transitional Council (legislative body), votes are already being raised to request an extension of the duration of the transition. At the same time, other voices firmly demand that deadlines be met.

The Archbishop of Bamako, the President of the High Islamic Council of Mali and the representative of evangelical churches and missions, sees all possible difficulties on the horizon and asks everyone to put the ball on the ground. After a nod to the international community lying by its bed in Mali, the religious leaders promise to do what is their first calling: to pray for peace in their country.


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