EIGS amputates the man accused of theft near Gao


Earlier this month in the Gao region, a man accused of cattle rattled his right hand cut off by jihadists who then released him. In a press release on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, the UN mission in Mali expressed “its deep concern” over this case, which follows other amputations that occurred in May last year, in the same area. According to RFI information, the Islamic State Group (EIGS) is behind this unclaimed act. As for the victim, she is now in custody by the Malian police.

Two weeks ago, on October 1, five men were accused by residents of stealing cattle in Bourra municipality, near Ansongo. According to local sources – security, elected representatives and notables from Gao and Ansong – interviewed by RFI, one of the alleged thieves was captured by parts of the Islamic State group who amputated their right hand on the same day.

A reminder of 2012 in May, not far away, in Tin-Hama, three men had already suffered the same fate. Documents reminiscent of the period of jihadist occupation in 2012: The movement for uniqueness and Jihad in West Africa (Mujao) that controlled the Gao region had performed a series of amputations, staged in public. Ten according to a UN report.

Since then, Mujao fighters have largely joined the ranks of the Sahel branch of the Islamic State. This was especially the case Adnan Abou Walid Al-Sahraoui, one of the founders of Mujao who became head of the EIGS and was killed by the French army in August last year.

Victim in prison: Minusma demands that the perpetrators be brought to justice. But according to sources interviewed by RFI, it is the victim of the amputation who is in prison today. After being mutilated, the man was able to leave and received treatment at Ansongo’s health center. Where he was finally arrested by the Malian police, for the same accusation of cattle theft. He is currently in the Gao Prison, where he is receiving care.


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