empty chairman of UST and opposition parties at the 2nd National Inclusive Forum


In Chad, the second inclusive national forum convened by the government from 29 to 31 October to examine the constitution adopted in May 2018 is not unanimous. Several opposition political parties and the largest trade union center, UST, believe that this forum will only legitimize power without solving the real problems of the peoples.

with our correspondent in Ndjamena,

Most opposition political parties and some civil society associations indicate that the forum will not be inclusive because participation is not open enough. Six hundred participants to discuss for three days, it is not enough to make a constitution worthy of the name, mumbles a leader of an opposition party.

For the Union of Trade Unions of Chad, which does not intend to participate in the Forum, this meeting will not solve anything in the daily lives of Chadians. “UST informs public opinion, both nationally and internationally, that it will not participate in this forum to legitimize what will not bring any profitable results to the popular strata, and rather calls on workers to mobilize to defend their rights. to life through their own struggles, ”explains Gounou Vaima Ganfare, Secretary General of UST.

IN 2018, National Inclusive Forum had gathered 1,200 participants without unanimity, nor because of its inclusivity. This time, the committee was reduced to 600 participants and 7 regional forums for 23 provinces due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The attackers from the second forum see it as yet another argument to criticize its representativeness.

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