expectations of the population ahead of the presidential election on 17


The presidential election will take place on Sunday, October 17 in Cape Verde. Voters in this small Portuguese-speaking country in West Africa, an archipelago of about 560,000 people, will decide between seven candidates. Among them are two favorites: Carlos Veiga, from the Movement for Democracy (MPD), a liberal ruling party, and José Maria Neves, with the support of the African Party for Cape Verde Independence (PAICV). The head of state has limited powers in the country. But after suffering badly from the health crisis, voters’ main expectations are economic.

With our special correspondent in Praia, Charlotte idrac

At the covered market in Sucupira, Wilson Barros, 39, sells shoes and clothes with earrings and tattoos on his arms. But with the Covid-19 pandemic, business is not going very well: “People have no jobs at the moment, no purchasing power. And so does the clientele. People prioritize the stomach more. ”

Electricity tariffs increased by 37%, especially in October! Ivanilo Ferreira is a stowage shop by the port of Praia: “Everything has increased: petrol, gas and even beer. I expect a more social policy and that the next president is more concerned about the poorest. ”

Sitting on a stool, Sulamita Gonçalves, 23, reviews in a notebook. During the day she works in the family shop. In the evening, she attends secretarial training: “It is complicated to find a job, even with studies and education. We have no help, either from the government or from any institution. ”

According to the African Development Bank, after contracting 8.9% in 2020, Cape Verdean growth is expected to be 4.6% in 2021 and 2022.


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