first edition of Night of Peace in Mali


On the evening of National Day, which this year celebrates Mali’s 61 years of independence, the Ministry of Culture organized the first edition of Peace Night on Tuesday. An evening with a festive gathering around living together and highlighting the differences and characteristics of the different populations in the country.

as reported from Bamako, Kaourou Magassa

To the sound of Mali’s National Orchestra, Talata Dougnon and Rokiatou Diallo are impatient behind the scenes at the Bamako Conference Center. In a few minutes, they will take the stage for a round of singing in front of hundreds of people and live on national television.

During this ceremony, the two women represent the region Mopti, an area plagued by terrorism and societal conflicts. I’m a Fulani and my partner is a Dogon. We will sing in Bambara and Dogon. We will sing about peace because we want conflicts between ethnic groups to end, for Mali to regain its former cohesion and for us to form more than one, ”says one.

“It’s Mali’s pride, this diversity” During the evening, every administrative region is invited to perform. Several music styles are in focus. The Takamba rhythm follows the songs of the singers before the guitars used for the Tuareg blues are heard.

“I am really very moved to find the other comrades from other regions together here. This is Mali’s pride, this diversity “, testifies Dédo Messaoud, musician from Taoudénit.

At his side, Doundo Keita, a member of the squad from the Kayes region, welcomes this type of event. “We meet, we know each other. We share the same room as the friends of Tao, Kidal and Ménaka. And during this stay we will get to know each other a little and it will reduce the boundaries, it will reduce the prejudices, “he rejoiced.

In a country at war, this ceremony is the symbol of social cohesion that Mali seeks.


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