FNDC publishes the list of about a hundred officials who have


Consultations between the CNRD junta and the nation’s vital forces are currently at a standstill. The last ones were held on Thursday at the People’s Palace, and the junta has not yet officially announced that the discussions are over. Civil society organizations, united within the National Front for Defense of the Constitution, took advantage on Friday. To present a list of around one hundred senior officials who would have actively supported Alpha Condé’s controversial third term.

With our special correspondent in Conakry, Sidy Yansane

This is the FNDC’s first press conference since the top leaders returned from exile a week ago. Sekou Koundouno, responsible for planning and strategy, lists the names of 92 members of government, parliament, institutions, the judiciary and the armed forces and presented as active advocates for the expired third term of former President Alpha Condé.

According to FNDC’s operations manager Ibrahim Diallo, this list is the result of careful observation work: “We set up a monitoring system whose task was to monitor speeches, contributions, the measures taken to comply with the third mandate. Our lawyers have copies of these documents. ”

A first list had already been published last year, on which Lieutenant Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, the current president of the transition, appeared. In this new document, the FNDC withdrew its name because it was on the sides of the people, according to Ibrahim Diallo.

When we started this fight, we appealed to all the forces of the country, so that together we can save the country by fighting for the third term. The army, through Colonel Doumbouya and his colleagues, responded to this call to stand behind the ambitions of the people of Guinea. FNDC specifies that this list is still preliminary and should be extended in the coming days. A list that FNDC intends to send to trial for prosecution.


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