food distribution and medical assistance the most


The crisis in central and northern Mali has forced the civilian population to leave towns and villages. Some have arrived in Bamako. In the main place that protects the displaced in the Malian capital, a local NGO, United for Mali, organized on Saturday with the help of several donors, a day with access to free medical care and distribution of food for about a thousand women and children.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

With the help of a megaphone, in the district of Bamako, which protects the largest number of displaced persons, a volunteer launches the start signal for the operation.

Several hundred women and children stand in line. In tents, the doctors auscultate. Everyone has a specialty. For example, a pediatrician works with a dermatologist. “We got a case of dermatological damage linked to insect bites. Cases of dermatophyte, skin connections due to fungi “, explains the doctor.

Food, care and medicine are free for their malians from the center and north, more and more in the largest camp for displaced people in Bamako.

Nafissa Chouaïdou Traoré, chair of the Malian NGO United For Mali, who organized the operation: “We can have people who have been in this place for two years, and there we will have their sisters, their grandchildren or their children. Little brothers who will go with them. So families settle on this site when they go. “

Bags called “dignity kits” that contained basic necessities were then offered to all displaced persons.


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