for his political comeback, the Democrats’ party


The Democrats, the largest opposition party, made their political comeback on Saturday, July 24, in Cotonou, after four months of silence. The party is still calling for a national dialogue to save Benin’s democracy. Patrice Talon controls Parliament 100% and almost all of the country’s municipalities.

as reported from Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

Until then, the Democrats’ party had expressed little opinion on the arrest of its disqualified candidate for the presidential election. Reckya Madougou and had not said anything about re-election of Patrice Talon with 86% of the votes and his nomination.

In front of its militants, the party made a kind of acquisition and spoke on all topics. A re-entry that was a fair trial against Talon’s government on all fronts.

All the speakers overwhelmed President Talon. We have heard words like “dictatorship”, “retreat”, “wild pressure”. “All this is wrong in the alleged political reforms of Mr Talon and his associates,” condemns the party, which considers them biased and designed to exclude the real opposition.

In fact, the radical opposition could not take part in the recent legislative, municipal and presidential elections. “It can not continue,” said party president Eric Houndete. He calls for a dialogue. “We must therefore sit down quickly, quickly within the framework of a national dialogue to reform our housing together to lead our people to prosperity and progress.”

The second major demand is the demand for the release of those arrested before, during and after the presidential election. The president of the party lists twenty names, he begins with the most famous: “I express my sympathy with Reckya, Joël, Bio, Adrien, etc. Dear comrades, your place is not there, it is here. Wait, divine justice will do its work. ”

The Organization for Human and Human Rights had presented the figure of 150 prisoners. According to our information, there are 135.


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