France will restore the drummer for the Ebrié people


France will return the 26 works of the Béhanzin tax to Benin at the end of October. Emmanuel Macron also announced at the Africa-France Summit on 8 October 2021 that further work would soon be returned to Côte d’Ivoire. It is the telling drum of the Ebrié people, formerly the Tchaman people. A unique object, which was also and above all used to sound the alarm before the arrival of the French settlers.

“A great joy, an important gesture”, the Ivorian authorities have since Friday multiplied the recognition of Paris. The restoration of this drum, known as “DjidjiAyôkwé” is much appreciated by Abidjan. And for good reason: the object is an important part of the shamanic culture, a symbolic object and a real means of communication.

It was Djidji Ayôkwé who allowed them to warn each other that the settlers arrived in such an area, because people did not agree with the muscular method of demanding that people leave. Work. And so when they arrived they could not find anyone and they discovered that it was the drum that struck and that we could hear far away, 12 kilometers around “, explains Silvie Memel-Kassi. director of the Ivory Coast Civilization Museum.

This unique 3.50-meter-long piece, confiscated in 1916 by French settlers, had been demanded for several years by the Ivorian authorities. In 2018, she was at the forefront a list of 148 items requested from France.

If the date of his return to Côte d’Ivoire is not yet known, it is assumed that Djidji Ayôkwé will be exhibited at the Museum of Civilization in Côte d’Ivoire. A space has already been set up for several months to accommodate it.


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