Guinea celebrates National Day in the presence of its


The ceremony for the 63rd anniversary of independence was held on Saturday, October 2, in Kaloum, central Conakry, in the presence of Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, now officially invested as head of state. In his televised speech, the new president promised to appoint a prime minister in the coming days. He also announced measures to combat corruption and the next election.

With our special correspondent in Conakry,Sidy Yansane

The ceremony was sober and lasted only about twenty minutes, but the residents of Kaloum contained behind a wall of men in uniform, appeared fully satisfied and let their joy explode at the appearance of the new president Mamady Doumbouya.

Recently invested as head of state the day beforethe colonel exceeded the troops, laid a wreath of flowers on the Place des Martyrs, before greeting the crowd and disappeared in a vehicle with tinted windows.

For this 63rd National Day celebration, which sounded like a second independence, the people especially appreciated the measures announced by the President the day before, including the creation of a body to control and moralize public administration to fight corruption.

“For a nation to move forward, we must fight corruption,” said a Conakry resident who attended the ceremony. We can not leave a nation in the hands of people who have destroyed the public goods belonging to the people ”.

With regard to the future elections that will put an end to the transition, the head of state proposes to start with the local votes before they end with the presidential election. An action is also supported. “How long has the municipal election been organized, without results?” If he starts there, it is an asset for us “, said a man in the crowd. “The election must start with the municipality. Gradually. It is a very good idea, it is an idea that I appreciate “, commented another spectator.

During the day, President Doumbouya took a tour of the streets of Conakry, to cheers from the audience.

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