Guinea is starting to turn the page after the coup


Two days after the coup, the putschists want to give promises to the population with strong symbols. On Tuesday, the National Committee for Rally and Development began dismantling the highly controversial outposts that had been set up when protests against Alpha Condé’s third term were raised. A very political gesture on the part of the military. Negotiations are also underway for the release of political prisoners.

With our special correspondent in Conakry, Sidy Yansane

It was Monday night that the CNRD announced on national television. The famous outposts (PA), based in several districts of Conakry, have been in the dismantling phase since early Tuesday. A message that comes two days later the coup for the special forces which struck down President Alpha Condé.

These huge tents in military green colors contained elements from the gendarmerie, the police and the army. They were installed in 2018 to facilitate rapid intervention by law enforcement and security forces. These PAs were very visible in the capital. It was enough to explore the city to see them by the side of the road, especially in the great city of Ratoma, and on the road Le Prince, the “shoulder” as it is called here, as paraded opponents since 2011.

Conakry comes back to life This road crosses especially the districts of Bambéto and Cosa where many protesters fell repeated clashes with the police. It is therefore a symbol of the regime of Alpha Condé that is disappearing and this action is welcomed by the residents of Conakry who are gradually being revived on Tuesday.

Since this Tuesday morning, the boulevards have been finding endless traffic jams. The shops are open, the residents are on the street and slowly reconnecting to their daily lives, which shows that life continues after all in the country.

The new force will begin to draw the contours in the next few days. The soldiers say they want to open a national consultation whose purpose is to define the forms of transition and a government of national unity. On the other hand, they do not provide more details about either the participants in this consultation or the timetable.

Release of political prisoners For their part, the opposition is now awaiting the release of its activists arrested during the protests against Alpha Condé’s third term. The putschists promised on Tuesday to “speed up” the editions that FNDC has demanded since Monday.

Among these prisoners we can count in particular several opponents and members of the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution activist Oumar Sylla, alias Foniké Mengué. There are also presidents of opposition parties and opposition movements to the Alpha Condé regime.

Discussions are ongoing between FNDC lawyers and the Ministry of Justice on the terms of these communications. FNDC is impatient. He had also advanced a bit by announcing a release on Monday and he even urged the population to mobilize on the streets to welcome the prisoners.

Following this announcement, hundreds of people gathered at Central House, the large prison in Kaloum. The spirits began to heat up to such an extent that the police had to use tear gas to disperse the crowd and then barricaded access to the central building for security reasons.

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