Guinea: the story of Fodé Sanikayi Kouyaté, blogger


For months, civil society organizations, united within the FNDC, opposed President Alpha Condé’s regime, which was overthrown a month ago by a military coup. They contributed greatly to its downfall by condemning attacks on democracy and by mobilizing thousands of young people on the streets of Conakry. One of the pioneers of this movement is a young blogger named Fodé Sanikayi Kouyaté.

From our special correspondent in Conakry,

It is as discreet as it is elegant. Long-sleeved shirt, brayed trousers, leather moccasins … For as long as he can remember, Fodé Sanikayi Kouyaté has always been passionate about civic action.

The 34-year-old Guinean originally came from Kouroussa in the east and studied law, while already participating in high school demonstrations. Before the blog discovered an infinite space of expression: “It allowed me to express myself. I liked writing and then I was involved in political issues. That was what brought me to the arena, he says.

The day when Fodé Sanikayi Kouyaté talks about the horror The famous stadium on September 28, with reference to the vote on Guinea’s independence in 1958, will be the scene of a 2009 massacre. Results: at least 157 dead and 100 women raped, all protesting against the ruling CNDD junta. Fodé Sanikayi sends the first horror pictures: “There was a desire to tell what was happening, to take pictures of the event and then tell it through my blog. We did not expect the drama. I also wrote blog posts that I published and these are the photos that have been in the headlines in international media, especially France24 ”.

In exile for his safety, he trained in digital technology in Bamako. When he returned to Conakry in 2011, he founded the Association of Bloggers of Guinea. Election observation, evaluation of political promises, awareness of sexual health, blog camp … Blogger is located on all fronts.

A renewal of Guinean civil society These gains are threatened by the desire for an illegal third term of office by President Alpha Condé, and the young Kouyaté joined the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution, after transferring the reins of his union to Alfa Diallo, who believes that his elders have contributed to the renewal of Guinea’s civil society.

Having this type of young people who are not at all complex and who do not have this desire to be everywhere with everyone has inspired other youth organizations and more or less civil society. We have a core, a set of youth organizations that are on new approaches, new approaches. This contributes little to the renewal of this civil society, but also to the emergence of new tools, even the fact that young people like us raise certain issues. month, when President Alpha Condé fell.


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