Hapag-Lloyd’s ship loaded with garbage


In Senegal, a turnaround for hundreds of tons of plastic waste. A boat from the German shipping giant Hapag-Lloyd was intercepted by the customs authorities in early May and fraudulently tried to bring the cargo into the territory.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte idrac

The ship responsible for returning plastic waste left the port of Dakar on Sunday, May 23, at 11 pm, “at its discretion”, a well-informed source indicates. There were 25 containers on board, “for a total weight of 581 tons” of waste, indicating that our source stated that the cargo was originally “from Spain”.

2 billion CFA francs fine for the German shipowner

It is therefore the epilogue after the seizure of the container ship “Hansa Neuburg” at the port of Dakar. After the waste had been unloaded, the German shipping company Hapag-Lloyd agreed to a transaction.

In exchange for lifting the detention of her ship, she had agreed to pay a fine of 2 billion CFA francs, about 3 million euros, and to re-export the cargo at her expense. Another boat therefore loaded the containers before leaving the port of Dakar on Sunday evening.

The case prompted Greenpeace to react. In a statement, the NGO protests against attempts to turn African countries into plastic waste. The import of this waste is banned in Senegal, where a law was passed in 2020 to ban a certain number of disposable plastic products.

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