Happiness for Jonathan’s visit raises fears


ECOWAS mediator for Mali left Bamako on Tuesday after two days of consultation with the transitional authorities. Goodluck Jonathan expressed his “concern” over the “lack of concrete measures to effectively prepare the electoral process”. It is clear that the authorities’ willingness to respect their commitments during the transition period, which will end with the presidential and legislative elections, is theoretically planned for February 2022.

After meeting with the ECOWAS mediator, Prime Minister Choguel Maïga did not reiterate the commitments made so far on the duration of the transition, but stated that “the details of the timetable for electoral operations” would be “provided by future national estimates”. Whose date has not yet been set.

As for Colonel Assimi Goïta’s presidency, she said in a press release that “voices are rising more and more, across the country, to demand an extension of the transition” due to “certain major challenges” such as “fighting insecurity, impunity and corruption”.

“An chaos” is preparing for the Parena terms, which feed anyone who suspects the authorities want to stay in power longer than expected and to organize the national mergers presented by the Prime Minister as a comprehensive framework for dialogue to prepare future policies and institutions for reform. the only goal to validate this project.

That is why several political parties have already announced that they refuse to participate. Parena in Tiébilé Dramé, assesses that these analyzes prepare for “an election chaos” by wanting to establish a single body for the management of the election. Codem Housseini Amion Guindoden announces an “advance known conclusion: the extension of the transition”. Many other parties have expressed their reluctance to hold these Assises, considered “inappropriate” and “expensive”, without yet clearly stating whether or not to participate.


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