in Burkina, a hope for the truth


Opens in Ouagadougou by the trial of the murder of Thomas Sankara. The leader of the Burkinabè revolution, 1983, was killed on October 15, 1987. Fourteen people are sitting in the accused’s box, with two significant absentees: Hyacinthe Kafando, suspected of leading the command who killed Thomas Sankara and Blaise Compaoré, the former president, accused of to have ordered the crime. However, this trial raises a lot of hope to get the truth about the events of October 15.

With our special correspondent in Ouagadougou, Gaelle Laleix

In front of the Burkina Building, in the Council of the Entente, Luc Damiba, Secretary General of the Thomas Sankara Memorial Committee, thinks back on the course of events: “This is exactly where the flowers are cut. With the witnesses, the survivors, with the judicial reconstruction, we know exactly what happened here. So for us, it is very important that we in the courtroom say what exactly happened here, we want to know the investigation of the truth. We can not miss this project. ”

Paul Dipama is a cousin of Frédéric Kiemdé, killed together by Thomas Sankara. It was only the day after the events, without explanation, that he discovered his relative’s grave: “I went to Dagnoen’s cemetery, where I saw a leaf with a piece of wood attached to the grave with her name. There were flies on the graves … Really, it was not at all beautiful to see! We did not understand anything. Since then, I have never, ever, had the truth, we never knew what happened. “

We are waiting for truth and justice about Thomas Sankara.

Expectations in Burkina Faso

“Sankara’s orphans” Stanislas Damiba was in Cuba on October 15, where 600 young people he had been sent there to study. When he returns, Burkina Faso is no longer the same and today Stanislas wants to understand: “We are Sankara’s orphans, the students then trained to build the country Sankara reckoned with, he had told us that. For us, the truth must be told and justice must be done to Thomas Sankara, as we have benefited from this revolution for almost 34 years. ”

The trial will hear the 12 accused present and about sixty witnesses.

Listen to our special edition of Sankara Trial [ 8h15-9h ] – 111021


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