In Conakry reactions from the Guineans after the coup


In Guinea, since the military coup on Sunday, September 5, the situation seems calm throughout the country. At present, no movement of humor or protest against CNRD coup plotters has been registered.

With our special correspondent in Conakry, Sidy Yansane

In the various parts of the municipality of Ratoma, which were considered to have been largely won by the opposition, the coup of Grouping of special forces hailed by the locals.

the overthrow the constitutional order They do not like it, but they believe that the overthrow of President Alpha Condé by Lieutenant Colonel Mamady Doumbouya’s men became necessary: ​​”This is not a coup. It’s an event. They just have to put the country online, tell the truth. If he respects that, he’s staying. If he does not respect that too, he will leave. That’s right, ”testifies a resident.

“If you see the situation for Guinea, the young people have suffered a lot. And yet Guinea is very rich: the bauxite, the autonomous port, it all works and you can not see anything, ”said another.

“We expected a lot” from Alpha Condé On the other side of the city of Matoto, a group of young people admit that they have previously voted for the ousted president. And yet, even here, the professor’s unpopularity has left its mark: “Not only has he violated the law texts, but with all this, the Guineans also continue to endure evil. He was a historic opponent, we expected a lot from Alpha Condé. The country was frankly bad. Personally, I liked the coup, especially how it happened. The president was not affected. It was a way to free him. “

However, the residents of Conakry are not fooled. Thirteen years ago, the captain’s takeover Moussa Dadis Camara had also raised hopes, before his presidential ambitions led to the worst massacre in Guinea’s history on September 28, 2009.

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