in Farabougou, mediation is activated to loosen the grip of the jihadists


This is the fifteenth day of isolation for the residents of Farabougou, Mali. This village in the Ségou region, in the center of the country, is surrounded by jihadist warriors who ban all access. The destruction of a bridge over the weekend further isolates residents while food is lacking on site. Meanwhile, mediation efforts led by notables in the area, local elected officials and traditional leaders are making progress.

That warriors around Farabougou present themselves as jihadists. But in this case, according to several members of the mediation set up to bring about the lifting of the siege, they mainly accuse certain Bambara residents of Farabougou of killing several members of the Fulani community. The latest is a young shepherd who was found dead earlier this month in his field.

The attack on Farabougoutwo weeks ago, which would have cost the lives of at least six villagers and caused nine to disappear, the blockade of the village is therefore presented in retaliation. Accusations of collaborating with terrorist groups on the one hand with the Malian army and the traditional dozo hunters on the other hand overlap tensions between the communities: the scenario is unfortunately classic.

Avoid confrontation between hunters and jihadists

To end the situation, local mediators sent two deportations and the families of the Fulani victims were offered an apology. It is now their response that is expected. “Imams, griots, caste but are mobilized”, specifies a broker who wants to believe in the success of this experiment. Purpose: to lift the blockade of Farabougou and avoid new clashes between, on the one hand, the traditional dozo hunters who protect the village and, on the other hand, the jihadist invaders.

The Malian army present in the area is on guard. On Monday she was able to deliver by plane a first aid to the inhabitants of Farabougou.


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