In Senegal, activist Guy Marius Sagna will be able to go out


The release of Guy Marius Sagna is expected on Thursday, October 14, 2021 during the day. He was arrested on October 2 and charged with spreading “fake news”. The sentence fell: three months probation.

as reported from Dakar, Thea Ollivier

Attended at Dakar flagrante delicto court for spreading fake news, Guy Marius Sagna, the leader of France was released, arrested on October 2, and then arrested after a Facebook post criticizing the gendarmerie.

The prosecutor had requested two years in prison, including six months, while the defense lawyers had asked for his release. “The court decision does not suit us. He was found guilty and sentenced to three suspended prison terms, while we continue to claim that he is innocent and that no false news has been spread, “explains his lawyer Me Cheikh Khoureyssi Ba. Consultations will take place in the next few days to decide whether to appeal or not.

Activist Guy Marius Sagna are regularly arrested during their actions in the field and during events. A march is also planned tomorrow in Dakar by several civil society groups and political parties to condemn “selective justice and institutional discrimination”.


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