In the spotlight: the tug of war continues between Paris


Tensions are still very high about the possible arrival in Mali of the mercenaries of the Russian group Wagner. France considers this Russian presence to be “incompatible” with the European presence. The Malian government, for its part, says it wants “Plan B” because of the French military relocation. And in the Malian press, criticism continues to melt in the direction of Paris.

So for Morning information, “France, accustomed to sealing letters, can only accept one of its former colonies, Mali, for which more than 50 of its soldiers have died in operation since 2013, abandons the duty of recognition ad vitamin aeternam towards her to consider making a pact with Putin Russia via the Wagner company, for this France, continues Morning information, a fighter for human rights and a country of freedom, sovereign Mali is not free to enter into agreements with whomever it wants for its security and defense. No, he should always take his orders from her! ”

France: “intruders, oppressors, exploiters …”Morning raises the tone further: “LaFrance has not stopped its neocolonialist policies in Mali”, he confirms. She compromised herself through her clumsy behavior by considering Mali a vassal state. It has totally failed in the fight against terrorism and the rebuilding of the Malian army. Even worse, her confrontation with jihadist movements on the ground has exposed her. Eventually, France, perceived as a savior, suddenly became an intruder, an oppressor, who abused our mineral resources in a cruel way without the knowledge of the authorities. ”

So keep going Morning, “The pregnancy agreement between Mali and the Wagner group marks a decisive turning point in the reconquest of the northern part of the country. With Wagner, it is the end of the diplomacy of influence, the French lie. In eight years, for example, France has wreaked havoc in the Central African Republic, which Wagner has taken control of in six months. ”

Wagner: risk of slipping … Exactly everyday Investigation, in Dakar, is very interested in this famous Wagner group: “The mercenaries who make France tremble”, the Senegalese headlines daily.

Investigation asked several specialists. For Mouhamadou Lamine Bara Lo, PhD in Political Science and Specialist in Security Issues, “junta [au pouvoir au Mali]wants an extension of the transition; what Paris opposes. So this Russian mercenary card can be used as a means of press in France and in other international organizations. ”

But he continues, “the arrival of these Russian mercenaries risks creating problems of engagement and coordination with the international forces (the United Nations, the Barkhane force and the European Takuba).” In addition, he notes, “these paramilitaries are not very careful about human rights issues and the laws governing war. The Wagner group is accused in the Central African Republic of many abuses against civilians. ”

For his part, Colonel Mamadou Samb, director of education at the Dakar Center for Advanced Defense and Security Studies, is still questioned by the daily Investigation, believes that “the arrest of the Russian private security group could enable the Malian security forces to become more effective against the jihadists.” But he continues, the risk of slipping and blunders against the civilian population exists. So it will be up to Malian officials to ensure control over the Wagner Group’s engagement rules if they decide to work with them. ”

France imprisoned In any case “France is imprisoned” in the Sahel, Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos points out in a column published by The world AfricaFor the French researcher, “military cooperation between France and the European Union has not made it possible to avoid the coups, abuses and human rights violations that drove the Islamist protest. Even worse, they sometimes trained the men who destabilized the region, suppressed in the blood. of peaceful protesters and ratified the withdrawal of government armies from the battle zones where Barkhane’s soldiers took over by relieving the local soldiers of their responsibility. “To stay is to support the pursuit of a policy that does not hinder the progress of the jihadist groups. In either case, the French army will leave with a sense of failure.”


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