initial political reactions to the president’s comments


In Mali, reactions to President Macron’s unfriendly statements on Thursday against the transitional authorities and in particular Prime Minister Choguel Maïga. The M5-RFP parties and the Yelema party are reacting to the RFI, but on the part of the Bamako authorities, radio silence on the ground, cooperation with Paris continues.

In Mali, the virulent and undiplomatic remarks aboutEmmanuel Macron After the accusations, last Saturday at the podium in the UN General Assembly, with the Transitional Prime Minister Choguel Maïga about a “abandonment in full flight” of his country by France, the French president spoke especially on Thursday night “about a shame, which dishonors what is not even a government” and condemns a government that is not very legitimate as a result of two coups …

Jeamille Bittar for M5-RPF For Jeamille Bittar, spokesperson for the M5-RFP movement who supports the leaders of the transition together with Francois Mazet, this outcome is a “disappointment” and the French are now “slain enemies” who must leave Mali.

It is neo-colonialism that continues. Today, the Malians have no visibility in relation to this French military presence in the Republic of Mali. There are many things that are unsaid. “Since France had already decided to change its method and change its strategy – without prior consultation – we would rather have mercenaries today than have enemies veiled as friends.”

RFI : For you, are we there? Have the French become veiled enemies?

“Yes, veiled enemies. I’m not saying the French people, the French people … I’m talking about French politics at the moment, we are saying no and we are taking responsibility for ourselves to the end! It is up to us now to decide who can stay, who can not stay! The French must leave. They left us … We say it’s no longer for them to tell them to leave. The people will simply ask them to leave ”.

Hamidou Doumbia for Yelema The Yelema party, for its part, criticizes the “paternalistic” tone of the French president and generally believes that this “diplomatic war” only strengthens the jihadists. Gaelle Laleix joined Hamidou Doumbia, political secretary and spokesman for the Yelema party

“President Macron’s tone is a bit paternalistic. He should have learned what happened in Pau. The African people were not at all pleased with the fact that their leader had been called in some way. President Macron could have used a much more diplomatic tone, should have adopted a different approach that could have helped reduce tensions … We have a people who have been suffering from terrorism for more than ten years! That the people hear this diplomatic war that does not say its name, which further strengthens the jihadists. The two states must understand each other, discuss a win-win partnership. And both states must learn the necessary lessons from what happened. If there is outrage, it is because the population has difficulty seeing the effectiveness of the involvement of foreign forces in Malian territory ”.

On the ground, co-operation continues in Bamako, officially, a bit as if we are currently refusing to escalate, there is no reaction after the resignation of the French president, reports our correspondent. Serge Daniel.

And on the ground, it is hand in hand that the French and Malian troops are working. Thus, according to information from the French force Barkhane and confirmed by Malian military sources, soldiers in the two countries have once again hunted together, in recent days, terrorists in northern Mali.

This is the case in the Gossi region, where the Barkhane Desert Tactical Group and a campaign by the Malian armed forces have neutralized terrorist groups. In the same region, it was the Malian soldiers, with air support from Barkhane, who carried out reconnaissance operations in an area they rarely visited.

But Mali is proving that it intends to deepen its military cooperation with another country, Russia. Early on Friday, the Malian Minister of Defense, Colonel Sadio Camara, went to Bamako Airport to receive four helicopters sold to his country by Russia.

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