Iron Biby, world champion in lifting logs,


Burkinabè Iron Biby, holder of several world records and Guinness records, won a new world record in lifting logs with a load of 229 kg on Saturday 18 September in Glasgow, Scotland. He outclassed his opponents and thus becomes the new world champion. He was greeted triumphantly this Monday, September 20, on the evening of many supporters and fans at Ouagadougou International Airport.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

It is in a carnival atmosphere, to the rhythm of the fanfare of the national union for stallion supporters, that Burkinabè triumphantly welcomed Iron Biby, the new world champion in lifting logs. Another world medal for the sport of Burkinabè.

“It’s a feeling of joy, of pride. It’s a fresh air, it’s a sigh of relief. And this is to tell us that despite the difficulties we are going through, there is hope, we must continue to believe in Burkina Faso, regardless of the difficulties at the moment. ”

“All these medals that Burkina Faso has through Zango, through Iron Biby, it is an open door to other disciplines, because it is not just football that takes back medals. And it is an invitation to leave this opportunity to all disciplines to express themselves. . ”

“Message of Hope” All smiles, Cheick Ahmed Al-Hassan Sanou, aka Iron Biby, handed out his trophy to the public, before handing it to the whole of Burkina Faso, tested by the security and health crises. “It really is a message of hope. Everyone agreed, as I said, we will move forward. It is very big for me, because since 2018 I have tried to break this world record. ”

For the Minister of Sports in Burkinabè, it is a great joy that the country shares because “Burkinabe’s flag has won and that is what must be remembered”, explained Dominique Nana


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