judges pleased with their meeting with the colonel


Consultations between actors in Guinean society and new authorities continued on Tuesday at the People’s Palace in Conakry and it was the turn of judges who were often criticized by plaintiffs to be received. Exchanges and declarations between the two parties eventually led to an understanding that led Colonel Mamady Doumbouya to say: “We will depersonalize the administration of our country”.

as reported from Conakry, Mouctar Bah

These are magistrates, mainly updated, who came out of this meeting with the new Guinean authorities and who answered some questions from the many journalists present.

“We leave here very satisfied and very confident in ourselves from what we have been told that we should no longer be afraid of anything, there are no more witch hunts, there is no one there will be more fear and an executive will no longer to interfere with the decisions made by the courts and tribunals, ”said Alpha Saliou Barry, National Director of Civil Affairs and Seals at the Ministry of Justice.

In recent times, it has been necessary to stay away from power in order to be concerned about Guinean justice. “Justice has made several decisions that are not enforced, we want the judicial decisions to be enforced so that the legal force lies in the application of its decisions,” the magistrate continued.

“In the recent past, the CEO played many roles in the exercise of the judge’s function, and was constantly involved in legal matters,” explains another judge from the General Inspectorate.

“The justice of our country, which has been criticized several times, must henceforth be involved in the consolidation of the rule of law and the fight against impunity in particular”, for its part explained Colonel Doumbouya before the judges.

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