Lagos flares up, President Buhari’s silence shouts


In Nigeria, President Buhari is silent despite the outbreak of violence in recent days. The day before yesterday, police opened fire on young people demonstrating against police violence in Lagos, killing 10 people, according to Amnesty International. Authorities confirm the deaths of several people without giving exact figures, and the images of the violence have gone viral. On Wednesday, the curfew was renewed for 72 hours.

as reported from Abuja, Moses Gomis

Many Nigerians question President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision not to speak directly to his people at this difficult time. On Wednesday, as images of the ongoing violence went viral on social media and messages and reactions flooded in from around the world, Muhammadu Buhari continued to tumble into silence.

But the Nigerian presidency has appealed for calm through spokesman Femi Adesina. Above all, she communicated on the establishment of a panel and a Justice Committee in several states of the Federation, bodies whose mission is to provide concrete and rapid judicial responses to the problem of police violence.

They (the government) should investigate and ensure that those who have committed crimes, those who have violated human rights, are brought to justice.

Amnesty calls on the Nigerian government

But on the part of Commander-in-Chief Muhammadu Buhari, there is no address to the nation, while attacks and interpersonal aggression, destruction and looting are increasing in all corners of Nigeria and at least seven governors have decided to establish a total curfew or partially in their territory.

Reassure and reassure the people

Intentional silence at the tactical election of President Muhammadu Buhari, personal self-defense reflex or paralysis in light of the enormous magnitude of the problems? Nnamdi Obasi, senior adviser to the International Crisis Group, believes that “if Muhammadu Buhari, during his first term, gave the impression that he really had control, his leadership is lacking in this crucial moment”.

To say concerned as a Nigerian, political scientist Adewale Yagboyaju, professor of political science at the University of Ibadan, believes that “the absence of the president’s speech is not justified. Speaking to the nation without delay can help reassure and reassure the people ”.

A number of police officers were killed. A number of civilians were also killed. This is not how peaceful protests should take place.

Maigari Dingyadi, Nigerian Minister of Police

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Lagos, city under extreme tension

Meanwhile, it is the escalation of violence in Lagos, where two media outlets have been searched and burned; TVC a private television and the nation, a newspaper. Both belong to Bola Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos and founder of the APC, the president’s majority party. Properties of the current governor of Lagos, Babajide Sanwo Olu and his relatives are also the target of groups of looters and thugs.

The headquarters of the Nigerian Port Authority were burned, as well as buildings with initials from Nigeria’s ports were targeted.

Branches of GT Bank, one of Nigeria’s leading banking and financial institutions, were also searched. The remains of Lagos’ architectural heritage have also been targeted. As if these groups of nameless thugs were trying to deliver a message. Leaving Lagos confused and its people confused and unanswered.

The canoe also plagued by violence and protests

Buildings burned, churches attacked and looted businesses. The city of Kano in northern Nigeria, the second largest in the country in terms of population, was also the site of violence last Tuesday on the sidelines of the protests. Until now, the protest in the country was quite localized in the south, but it is now spreading to other localities.

The demands of the protesters in the north are more focused on local issues associated with insecurity: banditry, kidnappings and suffocation.

Canoe, the protests reach north


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