many issues to be resolved before returning


Negotiations will soon resume in Côte d’Ivoire on the return to the country of Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé, acquitted by the ICC. President Ouattara officially declared on Wednesday that they were free to return whenever they wanted. While the essentials are therefore officially agreed by all parties, there are still many details to be resolved.

The most ardent supporters of the former president assure him: as soon as the ICC register has presented the expected process documents, Laurent Gbagbo will move freely and return to the Ivory Coast.

The details of this return will be the subject of future discussions between the government and the representatives of the former head of state led by Assoa Adou. This one would land this night in Abidjan after a stay in France for personal reasons, adorned with a passage in Brussels to meet his mentor there last weekend.

Its first task will be to ask the Prime Minister and its new occupier Patrick Achi to set a date for the resumption of discussions.

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It assured Alassane Ouattara the presidency would take responsibility return of his predecessor and his family. Will it be done by air from the republic or by commercial flight? How will Laurent Gbagbo’s official housing become? Who will be the people at its service? Approximately fifteen employees and employees are provided for in the charter for former heads of state, with the exception of the security service.

“It is normal to have the right to monitor these missions,” his supporters said. They also hope that the dialogue with the authorities will lead to the return of the “exiles” and the release of those they consider to be “political prisoners”.

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